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  • Auto Gearbox Controller Die Casting Parts, the function of the automobile gearbox controller is to provide a leading phase at an appropriate frequency to offset (or compensate) the excess lag phase of the main electrical appliance; conversely, when the main circuit has an excess leading phase, it should be at an appropriate frequency.

  • The engine casing not only protects, but also supports the internal parts. Auto Engine Case Die Casting Parts aluminum alloy has suitable strength, low casting temperature, easy forming and high machining accuracy, and is widely used in thin shell parts such as engine casings.

  • The Auto Air Conditioner Compressor Die Casting Parts is the heart of the automotive air-conditioning refrigeration system and plays the role of compressing and transporting refrigerant vapor. There are two types of compressors: non-variable displacement and variable displacement. According to different working principles, air conditioning compressors can be divided into fixed displacement compressors and variable displacement compressors.

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