Motor Housing Accessories Die Casting Parts

Ruochi is a professional China motor housing accessories die casting parts manufacturer and supplier. We have specialized in Aluminum die casting parts, Zinc die casting parts, mould design and development, the products are widely used in auto parts, motorcycle parts, Aerospace components, light parts, electromechanical parts, power tool parts, garden tool parts and hardware. With 33 years experience in die casting industry as well as more than 18 years machining experience, we can supply strong technical support, high quality and services.
The motor housing accessories die casting parts we produced mainly include motor housings, end covers and gear boxes. The function of the motor housing is to fix the brackets of the stator and rotor windings, to protect the windings, and to insulate them. The outer casing of the motor is insulated and has a protective effect. The environment in many places where the motor is used is relatively harsh. For example, places with high dust and humid environments need to be protected, and the internal high-speed operation also needs to be isolated to prevent injury to people, etc., as well as fixed coils and so on.
As a senior motor housing accessories die casting parts manufacturer, Ruochi has passed TS16949 certificate in 2018, OEM and ODM services can be provided to all customers. We can provide the following domestic first-class production equipments and testing equipments for the manufacturing of air-tight elements:
10 sets die casting machines from 88 Tons to 800 Tons, 9 sets CNC machining centers, 4 sets shot blasting machine, 7 sets drilling machine and 9 sets CNC lathes in house, 1 set CMM inspection machine and 1 set tensile testing machine.
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  • If the precision or fit of the center hole of the motor housing and the shaft assembly does not meet the requirements, it will affect the life of the Motor Housing Die Casting Parts. If the concentricity of the housing fails to meet the requirements, the motor will have a noise when working.

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