Die Casting

Die Casting Process

The die-casting process is a process of unifying pressure, speed and time using three major elements: machine, mould and alloy. For metal thermal processing, the presence of pressure is the main feature that distinguishes the die casting process from other casting methods. Die casting is a special casting method that develops rapidly in modern metal processing technology. It is the process of filling the mould with molten metal under high pressure and high speed, and crystallizing and solidifying under high pressure to form a casting. High pressure and high speed are the main features of die casting. The commonly used pressure is tens of MPa, the filling speed (gate speed) is about 16 to 80 m/s, and the time for the molten metal to fill the mould cavity is extremely short, about 0.01 to 0.2 seconds.

Because the products produced by this method have the advantages of high production efficiency, simple process, high casting tolerance level, good surface roughness, and high mechanical strength, a large number of machining processes and equipment can be saved, and raw materials can be saved. An important part of my country's foundry industry.

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