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The historical development of die casting


In 1838, in order to make molds for movable type printing, people invented die-casting equipment. The first patent related to die casting was issued in 1849, which was a small, manual machine used to produce printing press type. In 1885, Otto Mergenthaler invented the Linotype, a machine capable of die casting an entire line of text into a single type, which brought unprecedented innovation to the printing world. After the printing industry has entered large-scale industrialization, the traditional hand-pressed type has been replaced by die-casting. Around 1900, casting typesetting entered the market, which further improved the automation technology of the printing industry. Therefore, sometimes more than ten die-casting machines can be seen in the newspaper office. As consumer products continue to grow, Otto's inventions find more and more applications. One can use die casting to manufacture parts and components in large quantities. In 1966, General Dynamics invented the precision high-speed die casting process, sometimes referred to as double punch die casting.

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