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How to deal with common defects of die castings


A. Cold partition


1. Properly increase the pouring temperature and mold temperature.

2. Change the alloy composition and improve the fluidity.
3. Improve the gating system and improve the filling conditions.
4. Improve the overflow condition and increase the overflow volume.

B. Scratches


1. Repair the die casting mold to ensure the manufacturing slope.
2. Polish the surface.
3. The amount of paint is thin and uniform, and the paint cannot be leaked.
4. Appropriately increase the iron content to 0.6-0.8%.
C. Sag
1. Improve the structure of the die casting, make the joint thickness slightly uniform, and gradually ease the transition at the joints with a large difference in thickness to eliminate hot spots.
2. Choose an alloy with a half-shrinkage.
3. Correctly set the gating system and appropriately increase the cross-sectional area of the inner gate.
4. Increase the injection force.
D. Bubbles
1. Cool the mold to working temperature.
2. Reduce the injection speed to avoid vortex sack.
3. Use paint with small gas emission, and the dosage is even and uniform, and close the mold after burning out.
4. Clean and add overflow grooves and exhaust ducts.
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