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Bubble problem of die casting mold

Bubble problem of die casting mold
(1) During the die-casting process, the die-casting speed is not well controlled, or the pressure build-up time, speed-up time, etc. are not well controlled, so that pores appear in the die-casting parts.
(2) In terms of die-casting molds, there are some problems with its gating system and overflow system, such as collisions, or the unreasonable distribution of slag collection bags and exhaust channels on the die-casting molds, resulting in pores.
(3) If the temperature of the die-casting mold is too high, the release agent will not be able to play its due role, and the phenomenon of mucous membranes will easily occur. If the temperature is too low, the demolding effect will be poor, resulting in pores in the casting. Therefore, the preheating temperature of the mold should be well controlled, generally 150℃-180℃, and the working temperature should be 220℃-280℃.
(4) In terms of the performance of the coating, if the volatilization point is too high, then the amount of gas generated will be large, which will cause pores in the die casting. If the amount of spraying is too much, or the spraying time is too long, this problem will also occur in aluminum die castings.