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The Role of Die Casting Molds in Production

The role of die casting molds in production
1. Die-casting mold is an important process equipment in die-casting production. It plays an extremely important role in whether the production can be carried out smoothly and the quality of castings. It has mutual influence and mutual restriction with die-casting production process and production operation. relation.
2. Its important functions are:
(1) Determines the shape and dimensional tolerance level of the casting;
(2) The gating system determines the filling status of the molten metal;
(3) Control and adjust the heat balance of the die casting process;
(4) The strength of the mold limits the maximum injection pressure;
(5) It affects the production efficiency of die casting production.
Die casting mold structure
Through the introduction of the die-casting mold structure, the function of each component in the mold is analyzed, and the basic structural form of the mold, the fixing method, the selection of materials and the heat treatment have a preliminary understanding and understanding.
It can be seen from the disassembly and assembly diagram of the die-casting die structure that the die-casting die is mainly composed of a fixed die and a movable die. The fixed die is connected to the injection part of the machine and fixed on its head plate. The movable die is installed on the middle plate of the die-casting machine, and is closed or separated from the fixed die according to the movement of the middle plate of the machine.
1. Fixed mold
The fixed mold is the main component of the die-casting mold. The fixed mold is connected with the injection part of the die-casting machine, and is fixed in the injection part of the die-casting machine and communicated with the gating system. It is an important part of the die-casting cavity. It is mainly composed of fixed die insert, fixed die sleeve, guide post, wedge block, inclined guide post, gate sleeve, fixed die core pulling mechanism and so on.
2. Moving mold
The movable mold is another important part of the die-casting mold. The movable mold is another integral part of the die-casting mold forming part with the fixed mold. Separate and close. Generally, the core pulling mechanism and the ejecting mechanism are mostly in this part.
3. Core pulling mechanism
Function: The movable core mechanism of the molded part when the twitching and the movement in the opening direction are inconsistent.
The core pulling mechanism mainly includes: inclined guide column, side core, slider, guide chute, limit block, screw, spring, nut, screw and other parts.
4. Diagonal pin
Function: During the mold opening process, the slider is forced to move and the core is pulled out. There are two kinds of inner core pulling and outer core pulling, and the cross-sectional shape is mostly flat round to prevent the slider from being pulled when the core is pulled.