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Motor Housing Repair

Motor housing repair
The motor is a key component of an electric bike. Due to the limited energy brought by electric bicycles, as an all-weather means of transportation, the motor is required to be able to withstand harsh environments and to have high reliability.
In terms of mechanism, the motor is divided into brushed motor and brushless motor;
Brushed motors are traditional products with relatively stable performance. It should be the motor of the electric car.
The brushless motor is a new product, and its life performance is better than that of the brushed motor. However, its control circuit is more complex, and the requirements for the aging screening of components are relatively strict. Although the motor has a long life, the control circuit is prone to failure.
Therefore, the selection of brushless motors must undergo strict reliability tests to ensure quality.
In terms of motor output transmission mode, it can be divided into wheel type, middle type and friction type;
The hub-type structure is simple and the shape is good, but the motor shaft is subjected to large force and has high requirements for the motor. Electric bicycles can choose this type of motor.
The mid-mounted structure is more complicated, but the motor shaft bears less force and does little damage to the motor. Electric bicycles can also choose this type of motor.
The friction type structure is relatively simple, but the damage to the tire tire is relatively large, and it is slippery in rainy weather.
In terms of operating speed, the motor can be divided into low-speed and large-distance motor direct drive type and high-speed motor deceleration type;
The former has low noise, simple structure and high reliability because the reduction box is omitted. But compared to the latter, the weight is heavier. The wheeled type should be directly driven at low speed, while the mid-mounted type is generally a high-speed motor deceleration type. Although there are many types of motors, in terms of their mainstream, the electric bicycles that can be seen in the market are divided into: rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor, rare earth permanent magnet brushless DC motor, and toothless DC motor. , Rare earth permanent magnet brushed and toothed DC motor.
In the actual production process of the motor housing, since the brushed and toothed DC motor is a high-speed motor, the teeth of the gear are small and easy to wear, but the force is large and the climbing ability is strong. The brushless DC motor saves the trouble of changing carbon brushes in two or three years during use. However, due to the process of controlling the brushless motor, high precision is required. Also, brushless motor controllers are more expensive. In contrast, brushed and toothless DC motors have to replace the carbon brushes, but it is very easy to replace the carbon brushes, and the control of the motor is relatively simple, the motor runs smoothly, and the safety factor is high.
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